Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing #19 I know what I'm doing for the rest of the night! :)

There's something about Awards lists and top 100 lists that makes me very happy. It's like being in a really good bookstore and sitting down and spending the afternoon browsing. Someone has already done the work for me and compiled a great list of web resources and websites. Here are some of the things from the Web 2.0 Awards I found that were interesting if not totally random:
  • A compilation of one sentence stories. A one sentence story is a great writing assignment however there is quite a mix of content with these stories.
  • My girls have been buying t-shirts from Threadless for years. It was great to see it as the top retailer in the Web Award list. Threadless is a "community based t-shirt company with an ongoing, open call for designs submissions" People submit t-shirt designs and visitors to the web site vote on the design. An art teacher could use this web site with students and students could create a design and submit it for consideration.
  • UrbanSpoon has restaurant listings with reviews and ratings from for restaurants in cities and towns around the world. I'm sure that there's an educational application but I also love websites like this because I'm frequently away for weekends away in different cities.
  • I was excited to take a look at Picnik, a photos and digital image website but ended up being disappointed. It was recently acquired by Google and it's well organized and easy to use however most of the really interesting editing features require a premium membership that you pay for. Disappointing. I still use Google's Picassa to organize and edit my photos and have been happy with it. It's fee,easy to use and well laid out, like most Google products.
  • is a network of library content and services from around the world. There are over 10,000 libraries currently connected to this web site.

Lots of great web sites to look at!


  1. I had never heard of the one sentence story so thanks for sharing. It is a great concept but I do agree that some of the content is a little questionable but I could find appropriate sentences to use with students. I haven't completed this Thing yet but from your post I can tell that I will enjoy it!

  2. WorldCat is a wonderful tool! I use it several times a week (if not every day) for cataloging help, book ordering help, summaries...
    I hope it becomes a valuable part of your toolbox as well.

  3. VWB, I'll make sure to bookmark WorldCat. Thanks.

  4. I am interested to learn more about the one sentence story website when I reach this "Thing". I will be teaching a language arts block next school year, so I am looking forward to finding new ways to strengthen the reading and writing connection with my students. Thanks for sharing!

  5. WorldCat is cool tool!!! Thanks for sharing..
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