Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing #18 Google Docs

Guess what? There's a CommonCraft video for Google Docs that simply and clearly explains how Google Docs work and the advantages for using it.
I looked at both Open Office and Google Docs and prefer Google. I like the simplicity of the page and the fact that I don't have to down load anything.
As a special education teacher I am frequently working on paperwork, lessons, and curriculum materials on several different computers and often have a several different versions spread between three different computers, memory sticks and disks. With Google Docs I can access my work from any computer and always have the most current.
After learning about Google Docs I've had a real paradigm shift in how we work in collaborative groups and I'm planning on using Google Docs for my next group project for class.


  1. Gotta love the Common Craft videos!! Thanks for sharing that. I too like Google Docs better than Open Office. I can see how Google Docs will be useful for my teammates and me because we are always creating various assignments together and emailing them back and forth. Now, I only hope we can access it at school. You know how Katy seems to block everything.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Common Craft Video! It really puts things into perspective when you see how easy it can be to share and edit documents without having to email back and forth.

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