Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing #14 Techno-tagging

Sounds like there is a little bit of a controversy between how tagging is used on the internet. The history of tagging was discussed in the Chicago Tribune article, Tag, you're it. Tagging was invented by programmer Joshua Schachter who went on to develop Tagging, as he sees it, is people driven. People decide what content they want to tag and what tags to use rather than having advertisers decide what/how to tag something. Schachter believes that this democratizes tagging because it keeps it "people powered".
I took a look at technorati and searched for blogs and posts about autism and found 721 blogs related to autsim and 183 posts. What I noticed after looking closely many of the blogs had very little to do with autism however "autism" was one of their tags. Of the top ten blogs listed four blogs were directly connected to autism. The other topics included a conservative commentary, gluten free cooking, parenting, grandparenting. The blog posts were more interesting although I like the articles I've been reading through my Google Alert better. I don't have to weed through so much.
I love looking at top 100 lists and enjoyed checking out some of the top blogs. I have some new news blogs to read during lunch this week including. Looking at some of these blog sites makes me realize that I can move past CNN and the network for my news and I think I'll find that I'm much more inflrmed about what's going on in the world.

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