Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing #16 Wiki Wiki

Although wiki's are probably the ugliest thing on the web there are an incredible amount of uses for them in the classroom and school library. Princeton Public Libraries have a great example of a book lovers' wiki that was developed as part of a summer library reading program. Looking at that wiki made me want to get to my library and check out some new titles. The interesting part of this wiki was the book reviews that were submitted by members of the summer reading program. I was interested to see that there were reading incentives in the form of a raffle tickets that can be earned by reading and participating in the monthly book clubs. Even adults need an extra incentive to get us to participate sometimes! You get to read and earn restaurant gift certificates...sounds good to me!
Thinking back to the first week of class I appreciated the class wiki and the opportunity to "meet" the other members of our class.
When I'm working as a librarian I would love to try to start a book club wiki with my students and have them write reviews of the books they've read.


  1. Do you think getting to post reviews in something like a wiki will be little bit of an incentive to create book reviews as well to your students?

  2. I think students will be totally motivated to contribute book reviews on a class wiki and would love to see their words on the web!

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