Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thing #6 life is a mashup!

There are limitless possibilities when you start combining all the web has to offer. I enjoyed playing with Flickr Colr Pickr and playing with that mashup led me to discover this really fun creative mashup called Spell with Flickr. You type in any word and Flickr finds photos of the letters to spell your words. After looking at Bookr I can see how I could easily use this in my classroom or in library lessons. Students could use this application to create an end product for a lesson importing Flickr images or their own personal photos or images to create a book.
Recently, I was catching up on the news on the MSNBC website and came across a great interactive map of Haiti (couldn't access it at school) that combined a Google map with video, photos and articles. It really gave you a sense of where the news was coming from and when they were combined with images it provided comprehensive information.


  1. Post a sample or two so we can see how some of these things can be used.

  2. I've tried and tried but I can't figure out how to download images from Flickr Spellr onto my blog...I've used Picasa for years for my digital images and found it very user friendly but Flickr has been much harder to use.

  3. Persistance pays off. I figured out how to post from Spell with Flickr and Picasa Web. That's the beauty of "23 Things" and having to be accountable for what I'm learning, I have to keep working at it until I learn how to do it.