Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thing #10...I could do this all day

Trading Card Maker

okay....had a wordle but I hit a tab and it disappeared! Ahh the frustration of technology. I've gone back to the website to remake my wordle but the web page is down...won't make my collage. A good example of how a good activity can go bad. Same thing happened today during class when my Smartboard wouldn't work right before a lesson.

wordle - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I had a great time exploring all the image generators....I'm glad to have a reason to play around with all of this and learn how to use them. Most of these image generators are very easy to use and require just a few minutes and a little bit of creativity. The trading card generator was easy to use and has 100 applications in the classroom; any unit we study can be made into a trading card. Right now we are reading a story about life in a pond. My students could each choose an animal that lives in the pond and create a trading card. We can use Wordle as a prereading activity as we build our background knowledge. As a small group activity the students can brainstorm words that relate to the new topic and create a word cloud with their words. Image Chef is just plain fun!


  1. I think you have definitely caught the image generator fun fever! And I bet it spreads once you start using them around your building! A good kind of contagious fever!

  2. I understand the frustration of technology. You spend so much time on something and it disappears! As far as using technology with classes, etc., I made a resolution to always have a plan B. I am trying to teach my kids this life strategy as well. Plan B sometimes happens more often than Plan A.

  3. Love the rose and wish my rose bushes looked like that! My Smartboard frequently has the dreaded red light also - very frustrating. My class hates the thing but I love it (when it works!) We have to return it to the library Friday and I am so sad about that.